Lunch and Listen Lineup

Classical Revolution Cleveland has been incredibly fortunate to appear for four consecutive years as part of the Lunch and Listen series in Mixon Hall at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Each year, we have a different sized ensemble, featuring a different lineup of locally-based alumni. Our performance this year coincides with Sphinx Week at CIM. For more information about this incredible organization, check out

To complement Sphinx programming during the week of our performance, we will present an eclectic program of music exclusively by 20th century composers of color.

… Pretty sure no one has played Stevie Wonder in Mixon Hall… YET.


July 25 | Mixon Hall |12:30pm | Cleveland Institute of Music | 11021 East Blvd



Violinist Dianna Joiner


Violinist Victor Beyens


Pianist Ben Malkevitch


Violinist Minju Kim


Cellist Erica Snowden


Violist Matthew Ross


And Violinist and CRC Director Ariel Clayton Karas


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